Boris Johnson congratulated the British on their newfound freedom

Boris Johnson congratulated the British on their newfound freedom

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in a video message to the nation, noted that many citizens “will only be glad to say goodbye to the gloom of 2020.” This year, however, has reminded us of the importance of a time of life and unity.

Johnson credited the doctors who save lives and the workers who kept the country from falling into crisis, the store workers, the transport workers, the pharmacists, the emergency services, everyone who calls for help.

“In 2020, we witnessed British scientists not only produce the world’s first effective cure for this disease, but literally in the last few days a flame of hope has been lit in Oxford laboratories,” Johnson said.

The British prime minister recalled that the country faces new moments in the coming weeks and months to fight the disease, which will require renewed effort and vigilance from citizens.

“But when the sun rises tomorrow, in 2021, we will have confidence in these vaccines,” he said confidently.

The prime minister also noted the country’s newfound freedom – what he called the trade deal with the EU and the country’s exit from the European Union.

“Now we are free to make trade deals around the world. And free in our quest to become a scientific superpower. From life sciences to artificial intelligence, and with our world-leading solar and wind power technologies, we will work with partners around the world,” Johnson said.

He also expressed hope that the “instinct of the people” would help unite the United Kingdom – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – into one. And he suggested that in 2021 “we will end up doing those everyday things that now seem lost.”

On Catholic Christmas Eve, Britons stormed the stores and left London in a hurry. More than 40 countries stopped communicating with the island. All because of a new strain of the coronavirus, which is more contagious than usual.