Boris Johnson rebuked for favoring “thousands of corpses” over the new lockdown

2 weeks ago

The British prime minister was rebuked for allegedly preferring to see “thousands of corpses” of Britons rather than declaring another lockdown in the country because of a pandemic coronavirus infection.

According to the newspaper’s sources, the prime minister voiced the harsh remark at a meeting with cabinet members in late October 2020. At the time, Johnson reluctantly imposed a four-week lockdown on the country, the second since the pandemic began, and opined about the likelihood of the next lockdown regime.

“Let the corpses lie by the thousands, no more damn lockdowns,” Johnson allegedly said. According to the publication’s sources, he was thus commenting on the warning that the military should be involved in guarding hospitals with COVID-19 patients.

“The prime minister hates the very idea of introducing lockdowns. He kept repeating that there was no evidence of their effectiveness,” a source told the newspaper. At the same time, the newspaper notes that the Prime Minister has repeatedly made rude and harsh remarks at a time of crisis against the background of the pandemic coronavirus.

Commenting on the rebuke of Johnson in a conversation with reporters from the TV channel Sky News, British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said that the situation is similar to a comedy, where there are “unnamed sources of unnamed experts who talk about unnamed events”, and the British Prime Minister himself said that he had not made such remarks.