Boris Johnson refused to be the first to be vaccinated against coronavirus

Boris Johnson refused to be the first to be vaccinated against coronavirus

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson refused to vaccinate the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 first, as a matter of priority. This is reported by Reuters with reference to a representative of the British government.

Press secretary Allegra Stratton told reporters that the Prime Minister is likely to receive a dose of vaccine during a television broadcast. However, she stressed that he is not going to be ahead of the queue to get it for those who need it more than he does.

“He won’t overtake those who are extremely vulnerable to the disease and should get the vaccine earlier,” the agency quoted a government official as saying.

Reuters recalls that the British government will first vaccinate the population groups for whom the new type of coronavirus is most dangerous: residents of nursing homes, citizens over 80 years of age and health workers.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin said August 11 that one of his daughters had experienced the coronavirus vaccine. He specified that after the first vaccination his daughter had a fever of 38, and “the next day – 37 with a small one and that’s it”. On the same day he announced the registration of the first vaccine against COVID-19 in Russia.

Boris Johnson became ill with COVID-19 this spring. The politician was treated at St. Thomas Hospital, where he spent three days in intensive care. The prime minister returned to his duties one month after the infection.