Both US presidential candidates suspected of dementia

Could there be a presidential candidate in a huge country that claims to be world leader and carries out complex world intrigues, whose army is with different tasks in different parts of the world, a country that is part of a closed nuclear club, to be suspected of dementia?

The current election campaign in the United States, taking place against the backdrop of the COVID epidemic and violent protests and rallies, differs from others in that both Democrats and Republicans talk a lot about the health of both candidates. And according to both, it turns out: one candidate in America suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, and the other suffers from Parkinson’s. With what diagnosis both will approach the elections themselves, one can only guess. In the meantime, the American press does not skimp on epithets and relishes every miss of Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

A difficult task is to sort out intricate family relationships. The strange reservations of Joe Biden became the candidate’s calling card, he himself mixed up what post: “My name is Joe Biden, I am a Democratic candidate for the US Senate!”

Perhaps he really considers himself the main enemy – himself: “I have forty-plus years of experience, and I’m going to defeat Joe Biden.” And this is a very bold improvisation: to divide all American children into low-income and white: “Poor children are as quick-witted and talented as white children!”

A year ago, George Floyd was still alive, so the scandal did not happen. And you could take a nap on the air while the presenter talks about Trump.

But the replica, which Biden, apparently, wanted to interest the younger generation. But what did he mean ?? Nobody seems to understand: “I have hairy legs that lighten in the sun. When the children in the pool swim towards me and rub my legs to wet my hair. And then watch them rise again! ”

Trump, who first maliciously called his rival “Sleepy Joe,” the closer the election, the more categorical.

“Joe Biden doesn’t have everything at home,” he says.

“His age raises questions. Sometimes they are raised by President Trump, but sometimes the democrats themselves, who are worried: is it Biden whom they know from previous election campaigns? ” – Mark Wizer, a political observer at the Washington Post, notes.

It is important to understand here: it is not so much about the real health of the politician as about the mood of the electorate. Recent polls show that almost 40% of American voters believe that Joe Biden is suffering from a form of dementia, another 14 suspect that this may be so. Moreover, among those who usually support the Democratic Party, one in five admits that Joe Biden has senile dementia.

Is Trump OK? His niece, Mary, by the way, a clinical psychologist, wrote a book in which he calls the American president a sociopath who fell victim to an autocratic father. Trump’s environment in every way slows down the exit of the family chronicle, but the democratic press is already relishing quotes.

“Every time you hear Donald talking about something great, great, amazing, you must remember that in front of you, in fact, is a little boy who is desperately worried that he, like his older brother, – inadequate, ”says Brian Stelter, CNN columnist.

There are questions about the health of President Trump. It’s all because of the video on which he is stumbling. Trump immediately attributed everything to the slippery steps, but CNN had a trump card in his sleeve.

“There is another video where he brings a glass of water to his mouth and helps his right hand with his left hand,” says Maggie Haberman, a CNN political commentator.

They said earlier that it was strange that the president was drinking water. And even a diagnosis was made, so the number one patient had to make excuses.

“They noticed that you might have Parkinson’s disease. They say: “There is something wrong with the president.” Well, if anything, I’ll tell you about it myself, ”said Donald Trump.

But the rumors cannot be stopped. A disease is known to affect the brain. And go figure it out: this is Trump joking so much or is already losing touch with reality.

At a meeting with NATO Secretary General in Germany, the American president recalled his German roots: “My father was German. He was born in a wonderful German town. ”

That’s just the German was Trump’s grandfather. My father was born in New York, and died, by the way, from Alzheimer’s disease. So in terms of mental health, the heredity of the American president is so-so. The democratic press, hiding behind sources in the White House, claims: Trump is crazy. Literally.

“We sat and talked about different things. And then this source began to tell. I don’t want to go into details now, but he spread his hands, sitting right in front of me, and said: our president is insane, ”says Jim Acosta, CNN correspondent in the White House.

According to statistics, every seventh American in 70 shows signs of dementia. Trump is 74, Biden is three years older. In order to become president of the United States, a certificate from a psychiatrist is not required.