Botswana has found the largest and most unique diamond

A diamond weighing a quarter of a kilogram was recently found in Botswana. This is the third largest gemstone ever found. It was announced by the Government of Botswana.

The diamond was discovered earlier this month, but it was not presented to the public until now. The stone weighs 1,098.3 carats (219.6 grams). It was found at the Jwaneng mine, in northern Botswana, by Debswana Diamond Company, which is owned by the local government and the world’s largest diamond mining company, De Beers.

Botswana has found the largest and most unique diamond

“The proceeds from the sale of the diamonds will go towards the national development of the country,” officials stressed.

Earlier, a unique diamond weighing 1,109 carats was also found in the country. It was named Lesedi La Rona and sold for a record-breaking $53 million.

However, the legendary Cullinan, which weighs 3,106 carats, still occupies the first place in the rating of the biggest diamonds. It was discovered in South Africa back in 1905 and then smashed. Some parts of the Cullinan decorate the crown of the British royal family.