Brad Pitt frequented the house of Angelina Jolie

The actor was photographed leaving the actress’s mansion

Brad Pitt fans are perplexed: For more than three years, former spouses Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie “fought” in court and through the press, communicating exclusively through lawyers. And suddenly, for no apparent reason, they suddenly regained normal relations.

Although the couple settled just 10 minutes from each other after the divorce, until recently they did not even attempt to visit each other. Therefore, when at the end of last month the paparazzi caught Pitt, who visited Jolie’s house, the reporters could not believe their eyes. But then everyone decided that it was an emergency meeting: to discuss the upcoming birthday of their younger children – the twins Knox and Vivienne. However, the other day, Brad not only reappeared at the Jolie mansion in Los Felice, but also stayed there for a long time.

Pitt famously drove to the house of the ex-wife on a motorcycle in the appropriate “outfit”: jacket, jeans and helmet. Moreover, when he took off his helmet, the paparazzi noticed that the actor was in an excellent mood. And now everyone is wondering that this could happen, which caused the warring Brad and Angelina to make peace.

After all, since the announcement of the divorce, they have fiercely quarreled over a variety of occasions, the main of which was custody of their six children – Maddox, Pax Thien, Zahara, Shailo, Knox and Vivien. Then Jolie tried to get a much larger alimony from Pitt than he intended to pay. Then Pitt forbade Angelina to leave the United States with her children, which angered the actress. After all, all her children were born in different countries and she was going to educate them as “citizens of the world.” “I want to live abroad, but I can’t do this until all my children are 18 years old. Now I have to live in this country, which their father chose, ”said Angelina without hiding her resentment …

And suddenly, as if by magic, all their quarrels were forgotten, and now Brad, as if nothing had happened, goes to visit his ex-wife. However, perhaps the reason for such a change in relations will become clear in the near future.