Brad Pitt’s refusal to participate in The Matrix cost him $ 250 million

The Matrix not only changed the fate of action movies forever, but also contributed to the career of the main actor Keanu Reeves. However, his role was originally offered to Brad Pitt, who suffered significant financial losses by rejecting the offer.

According to IMDb, Pitt began his acting career in television in the eighties. In the mid-nineties, he began getting fuller roles that helped him showcase his acting skills rather than his proverbial beauty and charm. After starring in 1999’s Fight Club, Pitt rose to Hollywood stars.

However, he could have made a serious mistake by refusing to shoot in The Matrix. In an interview, he admitted that he initially accepted the offer, but was at the height of his philosophical views and felt that the role was not suitable for him. According to the actor, it should have been portrayed by someone else.

Admittedly, the movie wouldn’t be the same if it had been Pitt instead of Reeves. But if the film’s success continued even with Pitt, the actor would make a lot of money out of his comfort zone.

The Matrix was a big hit and changed the perception of an action movie, and Reeves was lucky enough to get a share of that income. The film has become incredibly profitable in Hollywood history.