Brazilian Electoral Tribunal Huge Amount Of Voters In Presidential Elections

Alexandre de Moraes (President of the Electoral Court of Brazil), makes statements in the context of general elections. He described them as transparent, secure, and clean.

De Moraes stated that Brazil’s democracy is at its most successful moment in its history, during a presentation to the TSE headquarters more than five hours after this critical election.

Brazilians elect more than 156 million voters. He said that electoral justice “reaffirms its position as a constitutional instrument for safe and transparent exercise democratic elections and respect for people’s will.”

He stated, “I have always repeated that we are one the four largest democracies worldwide and that we have an efficient electoral system that allows for us to get election results the same day.”

He made a short speech insisting that every vote a voter cast in the ballot box is given to the person who voted. He declared that electoral justice affirms the transparency, security, and auditability of electronic vote machines.

De Moraes spoke out later in a press conference, highlighting the positive behavior of voters as well as the effectiveness of the electoral process.

“We have witnessed a calm atmosphere. However, there is interference with all elections, and this is normal. All the states have maintained peace.”

“We will total the votes today, and we will reveal them today. The results will be available to voters today.

The Brazilian presidential election was held this Sunday in Brazil. There was a normal turnout and widespread voter participation in South America. In the first minute of the election, the main presidential candidates exercised the right to vote in Brazil.

The Ministry of Justice and Public Security published a bulletin this Sunday at 1:00 PM stating that there were 222 electoral offenses registered across the country by security forces as of 12:40pm.

This day opens at 08:00 GMT (11:00 GMT) and ends at 17:00 GMT (20:00 GMT). Some 156.4 million people are eligible to vote for the president, 27 governors, and 583 deputies. Is. Renewal of one third of the Senate and of representatives in the Legislative Assemblies.

Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva, former President, voted in So Bernardo do Campo on Sunday. This is the city in the metropolitan region of So Paulo. He said that the country must “reclaim the right” to be happy. ” is necessary.

“The country must regain the right to happiness. We want a country that is at peace, has hope, and believes in the future.

Bolsonaro was wearing a yellow sports shirt, with a green collar, the national flag printed on it, as he voted at Rio de Janeiro’s Military Village. He also wore a bulletproof vest under his shirt.

Bolsonaro made a short statement to reporters after he left the electoral council, saying that “we are calm (…) in this first round, the election are fixed today”.

According to the Datafolha Institute, 36% of Bolsonaro’s legitimate votes intentions are attributed to Bolsonaro (2003-2010), compared to 50% for President Lula (2003–2010), which is the minimum percentage needed to avoid a second round.

The Constitution of Brazil states that all citizens who are literate and were born in Brazil or through naturalization between 18 and 70 years old, have the right to vote. Only those with electoral residency abroad will be allowed to vote in the presidential elections.

Security will be provided by approximately 500,000 agents. Civilians were prohibited from carrying weapons for three days, until Monday.

Alexandre de Moraes (president of Brazil’s Electoral Court) assured that security and freedom would be maintained so that the country could elect its next president in 2023-2026.

“The security of the vote shall not be compromised by electronic ballot boxes. However, it should be respected that there is a wide and decent freedom for political discussion and no violence or coercion. This was what de Moraes stated on national radio and television.

Alexandre de Moraes emphasized that Brazil’s electronic ballot system allows for the disclosure of results within the same day.

According to nearly all polls and opinion polls, President LuizInacio Lula Da Silva, the presidential candidate for the Workers’ Party, and President Jair Bolsonaro has led the vote. Jair Bolsonaro had a lead of between 3.7 to 16 points over the former president.

According to the Intelligence Research and Strategic Consulting Institute, Lula received 51 percent valid votes in the most recent survey. This would make her the winner of the first round.

No candidate can exceed 50% of the votes. A second round will take place on October 30 between those who win the majority.

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