11 months ago

Brazilian president threatens to leave WHO after US

11 months ago

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaru said that the country intends to follow the example of the United States and leave the World Health Organization, reports Reuters.

“I warn: the United States withdrew from WHO, and we are considering [such an option] in the future,” he said.

Bolsonaru believes that WHO should begin to work without ideological background, otherwise Brazil will leave the organization.

“We don’t need people from outside to indicate what we should do here regarding health care,” Bolsonaru said.

Recall, Trump announced the suspension of WHO funding on April 15. In his opinion, the Organization did not do its job, and its actions contributed to the “misinformation” of China about the coronavirus, which most likely led to a larger outbreak than it could be.

Trump believes that WHO has done little to prevent the US coronavirus epidemic and has devoted too much time to the situation in China.

In the European Union, Trump’s decision to suspend funding was condemned, and the UN called it untimely to cut WHO funding, while the organization is struggling with the spread of coronavirus.

On May 8, WHO updated its strategic plan for preparing and responding to the spread of coronavirus and announced that $ 1.7 billion will be needed to implement it. Based on the funds received by the organization as of early May, the funding gap in 2020 will be $ 1.3 billion.

On May 16, the Fox News channel unveiled a draft letter to Trump to WHO, which spoke about the possibility of a partial resumption of funding for the Organization.

On May 29, Trump announced the severance of US relations with WHO.

In the USA and Brazil, the most difficult situation with coronavirus in the world is observed. In the United States, 1.89 million people were infected, in Brazil – 615 thousand. In the number of victims of COVID-19, the United States is also in the first place (109 thousand dead), Brazil is in third place (34 thousand).

On May 25, Trump closed the entrance to the United States living or having recently visited Brazil. This decision was made by the president against the backdrop of rapidly growing rates of infection and mortality from coronavirus in this country.

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