Brazilian star Kaka Want To Be In marathon debut in Berlin

BERLIN: Kaka, a former World Cup-winning footballer, will make his Berlin Marathon debut on Sunday. He said he was inspired by his father’s struggles with Covid-19.

Kaka stated that he was in hospital for 45 days during the Berlin marathon press conference. He is now with us, which is a good thing.

Kaka’s brother and father will be participating in the “family experience”, which is the marathon’s main event.

“He won’t run, he’s walking, but we wanted him to share this experience with us. It’s more family-oriented.”

Kaka stated that marathons are special because amateurs can participate side-by-side alongside professionals.

“I’m very excited… It’s totally different from those guys (pointing at the professionals), but this is something that is really great in marathons.

“As an amateur, I can run and be on the same field with the pros.

“This is a special marathon – I can now say that he was the best and I was running alongside him.”

Kaka stated that he was looking for a time of less than four hours.

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