Brewers defeat the D-backs 3-0 behind six shutout innings from Lauer

MILWAUKEE -MILWAUKEE – Eric Lauer pitched six innings of no-hit baseball before being exiled from the game during the Milwaukee Brewers’ 3-0 victory against their opponents the Arizona Diamondbacks on Tuesday night.

Jake Cousins and Peter Strzelecki pitched in the final three innings the shutout that was one hit.

Lauer claimed he didn’t realise the no-hitter was on until he was informed by someone when he gone off the field.¬†Lauer thought the mistake was made in the fourth inning when a bouncer hit by Jake McCarthy had been ruled to be a hit.

“I did not look around at it,” Lauer said. “It was always in my head that there weren’t many of people in the base. I’d walked by a few, but I wasn’t sure. I was trying to get zeroes, trying to complete the year with a few zeros.”

Milwaukee’s no-hit offer added at least a little excitement to an otherwise dull game. The Brewers have been eliminated from playoff contention on Monday night as they defeated the Philadelphia Phillies defeated the Houston Astros 3-0 t to earn their first postseason spot since 2011.

Lauer (11-7) hit out seven times, hit four, while committing an error making 97 pitch. Lauer’s top pitch count of this season came in at 108 in the team’s 2-1 loss against San Francisco on July 16.

“This one certainly feels like I’ve got an abundance of things to learn from of this offseason and move ahead,” Lauer said.

Jake Cousins took over for Lauer at the beginning of the seventh and gave Josh Rojas’ leadoff single to right-center. Cousins took out his next 3 batters, and pitched around a walk in the eighth innings.

Strzelecki took the side out in in the ninth minute to score his first save of his career.

“You imagine things like this,” Strzelecki said. “It feels great. I’d like to improve on it for the coming years.”

Milwaukee’s Luis Urias went 3 of four with an RBI double, a strike as well as an RBI double.

Garrett Mitchell also hit home in the game as Milwaukee got a bit of revenge on Zac Gallen who gave up only two hits and a walk in seven innings of the Brewers’ 5-1 win against the Brewers just one month earlier. That September. 4 start was his sixth start in a row where the pitcher pitched at least six innings , without having allowed a hit, which was an MLB record.

It was the same pitch. Gallen (12-4) hit six batters times, but he allowed five hits as well as three walks and three runs over five innings. The season ended with an 2.54 ERA after going 4-10 with an 4.30 ERA in 2021 while suffering from injuries.

“I certainly feel that I have a lot to prove on many fronts , including the fitness front, the talent front, everything like that,” Gallen said. “It’s very funny, you’re having a bad year and you’re soon labeled as injury-prone, or whatever you’d like to do, put yourself out there. I felt I needed to show up this year to demonstrate to a lot of people wrong. The goal of this year was ensure that people realize this year’s performance was more of a fluke than anything else.”

The Brewers were unable to score in the opening innings despite having to force Gallen to pitch 36 times. However, they were swift in reaching him in the second innings. Mitchell delivered Gallen’s pitch of the inning into the wall to the right.

“It was a terrific job done by the offensive today to get Mitchell’s pitch count up before the game,” Mitchell said.

Urias hit a solo homer to left field in the third in the third. Urias his 16th homer of the year extended his streak of hitting up to 14, which is a career-high.

The Brewers extended their lead to 3-0 after Urias the double with two outs hit home Jace Peterson in the fifth. Urias also hit a single at the end of the eighth.

Brewers RHP Matt Bush went on the injured list due to an illness that was not COVID-19. It was reported that the Brewers have activated their the RHP Jason Alexander.

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