Britain comes out of lockdown

2 weeks ago

Britain continues to gradually emerge from the three-month lockdown by easing quarantine measures. Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed that gyms, barbershops, bookstores, beauty salons, patio bars and restaurants will open on April 12. According to the prime minister, the vaccination program in Britain is progressing well. Also on April 12, the ban on overnight stays will be lifted.

There are 127,000 COVID deaths in the U.K., the most in Europe. But thanks to lockdown and vaccination, the number of infections and deaths has dropped dramatically. The country plans to vaccinate the entire population with the first dose by July, allowing a return to life. In addition, it is proposed to test the kingdom’s residents twice a week to prevent new outbreaks of COVID.

Right now, Britons are still forbidden to travel abroad on vacation, but the issue could be resolved by the introduction of “green passports.” An official government statement says it is too early to talk about travel authorization.

The issue of introducing “vaccination passports” remains controversial in Britain, and there is an ongoing debate in political circles over the issue. The Conservatives call them “intrusive and very expensive,” and Labor calls them “anti-British.”

The government has said that the introduction of green passports is almost inevitable, because they will be required to enter most countries. Boris Johnson admitted that the issuance of passports raises difficult ethical and practical issues, but noted that their introduction cannot be called inevitable, because the plan to create such documents has not yet been finalized.

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