Britain imposed anti-corruption sanctions against 14 Russians

2 weeks ago

New anti-corruption sanctions, imposed by Britain, included 14 Russian citizens.

In addition, the new restrictions affected eight people from five other states. All 22 defendants on the blacklist were denied entry to Britain, and their assets were frozen.

Earlier, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab announced that the government will extend the “Magnitsky Act” to take action against Russian oligarchs engaged in “money laundering” in the kingdom. According to the diplomat, the document’s sanctions would help combat both “dirty money” and human rights abuses.

On April 15, U.S. President Joe Biden signed an order imposing new sanctions against Russia. The restrictions affected more than 30 individuals and legal entities. Among the grounds for their introduction are the allegedly hostile activity of Russia in the cybersphere, interference in elections in the United States or other foreign countries. As part of the sanctions package, the U.S. is expelling 10 Russian diplomats from Washington.