British Prime Minister Boris Johnson got into an accident

10 months ago

In London, the car Jaguar, which was the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Boris Johnson, had an accident

It is reported by Sky news.

The incident occurred on the afternoon of June 17 in Parliament Square, when one of the protesters in support of Kurdish rebels ran out onto the road.

The convoy from the prime minister’s motorcade braked sharply. A Range Rover police car from the escort group rammed the rear of the prime minister’s car. There was a dent from the blow on Johnson’s car.

The protester, whose actions caused the accident, was detained.

March 27, it became known that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson became infected with the coronavirus. Johnson was hospitalized on April 5, and was transferred to intensive care on April 6 after his condition worsened.

After that, Johnson spent two nights in the intensive care unit and went on the mend.

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