British Queen Elizabeth II has released her own gin

British Queen Elizabeth II has released her own gin

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain launched the production of gin based on herbal spices grown on the territory of the Sandringham estate, which is located in the east of England.

As noted, the drink was named Sundringham Celebration Gin. The 500ml bottle retails for £ 50 ($ 66.6). It can be bought on the site of the estate with free delivery throughout the country, and after the lifting of restrictive measures due to the coronavirus, the gin will appear in a souvenir shop next to the palace.

The drink has a strength of 42 ° C. It contains the aroma of myrtle and persimmon, which grow on the territory of the estate. “Gin has a rich taste with pronounced tones of juniper and citrus aftertaste,” reads the label.

Note that this is already the third gin produced by the British royal house. In July, the royal family launched the Buckingham Palace Gin for sale. Earlier this month, Prince Charles of Wales presented a gin called Highgrove.

With the help of the release of alcoholic beverages, the royal family intends to make up for the financial losses incurred due to the coronavirus pandemic after the closure of the residences of the British queen for tourists.

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