British supermarkets refused to sell coconuts collected by monkeys

A number of supermarkets in the UK have refused to sell coconut water and milk due to the fact that monkeys on farms in Thailand are forced to collect coconuts.

It is reported by BBC News.

“As ethical retailers, we do not support the use of monkey labor to produce product ingredients,” the cooperative said in a statement.

So they reacted to the investigation, published on the website of the organization PETA Asia, whose authors found that in Thailand they catch monkeys and are trained to collect up to a thousand coconuts per day. Members of the organization found several farms with a similar pattern of work. Coconuts exported around the world.

Animals were taught not only to pick fruit, but also to ride bicycles or play basketball for the entertainment of tourists. Also during the investigation, it turned out that the monkeys on the farms were handcuffed to old tires or locked in tight cages.