Britney Spears mom sues her daughter for millions of dollars

Lynn Spears wants to control the finances of her daughter Britney Spears. Judging by the documents received by ET, the 65-year-old mother of the pop star filed a request with the Los Angeles District Court to receive special notifications on all issues related to her Revocable Trust SJB.

The singer applied for the opening of the SJB fund in 2004 in order to protect her multi-million dollar assets and transfer part of the funds to her two sons in the future. It was also created in order to “dispose of its material and financial assets throughout life and to ensure the distribution of these assets after her death.”

In May 2019, Lynn also filed a lawsuit, was dedicated to the details of the guardianship, which the father of the star, James Spears, had for several years, and asked to convene an emergency court so that she could receive information on her daughter’s treatment plan.

Britney’s mother always wanted to take part in Britney’s fate. Over the years, her mother tried to say something.

The other day, former Spears photographer Andrew Gallery published a personal letter from the singer, which she wrote in 2009. According to Gallery, he decided to release the letter amid rumors that Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, who served as her guardian, controls her every move. So, supposedly Jamie does not allow his 38-year-old daughter to marry her 26-year-old lover Sam Asgari and give birth to a child from him.

The letter claims that Spears became her guardian by deception, it was he who forced the star to divorce Kevin Federline and transfer to him the custody of the children: Sean Preston and Jaden James.

She was deceived and framed. The children were taken from her, and Britney got out of control, which in such circumstances would have happened to any mother,

  • the letter says.

My father managed the business and condition of Spears (and it is estimated at $ 200 million), in addition, the singer could not independently sign documents and make large purchases. Since September last year, the father of the star is no longer her guardian. Jamie Spears made a difficult decision for himself after allegations of violence against his grandson, as well as amid rumors of a sharp deterioration in his health.

According to a Los Angeles court ruling, Jody Montgomery was appointed Britney’s new guardian. She has been helping the singer conduct business for several years.