Brooklyn resident set fire to his own house, launching fireworks – and did not notice this

A resident of Brooklyn got into the window of his own house with fireworks, and then, as if nothing had happened, started the next one – while tongues of flame burst out from the windows and pillars of smoke. Shocking shots managed to capture the surveillance camera.

On Thursday, July 2, the New York City Fire Department announced the detention of 36-year-old Damien Bend. He is charged with arson of the 4th degree. The record made at the scene of the incident shows that Bend is standing at the house with an unknown woman and man.

While the man is looking at the phone, not paying much attention to what is happening, the woman comes to Bendu – and he, having lowered the device that starts the fireworks, accidentally directs one of them towards the building. At the same time, neither Bend nor his companions notice a rapidly spreading fire.

At some point, Bend transfers the device to his companion, enters the house and after a while returns with new fireworks – still not noticing the fire. When the company finally sees that the building is engulfed in flames, Bend tries to put it out of the garden hose, but to no avail. According to one of the neighbors, after the incident, Bend tried to convince him that the fire was the result of a short circuit.

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