Brothers aged 6 and 7 died in a car accident after hijacking a car of grandparents

11 months ago

Two Missouri brothers, aged 6 and 7, died as a result of an accident after they stole a car from their grandparents.

Missouri Highway Patrol Representative Sergeant Andy Bell said that on Friday, May 29, in Jackson County, the boys climbed into a 2007 Buick LaCrosse car, drove it across the field, and then onto the ring road. The incident’s patrol message said the car rolled over several times in the air, hit a fence, hit a tree and caught fire. The boys were pronounced dead at the scene. At the wheel of the car was a 7-year-old child. None of the children were fastened. According to KSHB, the identities of the boys from Independence were not disclosed. Speed ​​is believed to be “a contributing factor to the accident,” patrol Andy Bell told NBC News. The accident occurred around 4:20 pm.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Road Patrol and Investigation Unit are investigating. According to Bell, the sheriff’s office finds out how the boys took possession of the car.

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