#Burzek – Plus, Scoop on the 200th Episode Teases an ‘Exciting’ Move by Chicago P.D. Star

The show’s creator Gwen Sigan reveals to TVLine that Season 10 will revolve around #Burzek. It will also address the issue of whether they’ll be moving in together, how the implications would be and how it could impact their relationship as a family with Makayla.

“We’ll get some answers,” Sigan tells TVLine. “They’re starting to get somewhat more solid and steady in the 2nd episode in this season.”Season 10 will be the last season to see Jesse Lee Soffer depart the show as Det. Jay Halstead. According to Sigan his impending departure isn’t going to be an abrupt thing.

“Hopefully, it all makes sense when everyone sees the episode that he’s departing in, and we did build to it, and we did have a chance to do that,” she declares. “We attempted to be as grounded as we could and to do justice to Jesse and how amazing the actor is. He gives a excellent performance in all of it. It’s sure to be powerful.”

Halstead’s departure is likely to have a huge impact on Upton and she must deal the loss of her husband by her side. “It’s going to be really interesting, something new for her character to have to combat,” Sigan says. “It’s an obstacle and she’ll have to face it. We’ll watch her move through various interesting directions and how it manifests its self.”

Marina Squerciati, who plays Burgess in the series, says her character’s Intelligence agent has to “come close to the point in which she’ll have to decide whether she wants to pursue the thing or not. if she wants to continue an alliance in a relationship with Ruzek or not. There’s still a lot to be worked out and it’s a thrilling decision for them both.”

Squerciati talked to Sigan about the reasons Kim was hesitant to be a part of a relationship with Ruzek as well as how the Chicago P.D. boss clarified that Kim was shot at the conclusion of Season 8 had a negative effect on her in a way that she did not fully comprehended.

“She’ll come to understand that it has really fractured her and hurt her, and that has affected her relationship with Ruzek,” Squerciati says of Sigan’s explanation. “She needs to solve herself before she moves forward with him.”

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