10 months ago

California breaks record coronavirus due to home mass gatherings

10 months ago

People gathering in private homes may now be the main sources of coronavirus infection in California, where the epidemic is breaking records. Local authorities came to such conclusions, as more and more young people became ill.

California, the most populous US state and the first to implement full quarantine throughout the region to combat the outbreak of coronavirus, sets daily records this week for new cases.

Governor Gavin Newsome says the virus is now spreading mainly in private meetings in homes. Infections are also growing in some prisons. Newsom rebuked residents who host private events at home, including family gatherings, children’s games, and birthdays. According to the governor, many are tired of the restrictions or simply forgot that the virus is still active.

According to Newsom, in districts that do not comply with medical orders aimed at stopping distribution, residents may be denied special funding. Also, people are required to wear face masks and maintain social distance in any public place.

On Tuesday, the state broke a record: more than 7,000 cases per day. The number of hospitalizations increased by 30% in just 2 weeks.

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