California fires burn 4 million acres of land

California has crossed a dire milestone: 4 million acres of land have burned down in wildfires this year. As a result, 30 people died. This is the worst fire season in state history.

The blaze has engulfed an area larger than Connecticut. The wine-producing counties of Napa and Sonoma in the north are now the hottest ones, with the Glass Fire, the region’s fourth major fire in three years. The flames can burn 28,000 houses and buildings. “The next 36 hours will be a big challenge,” said Billy See, assistant chief of the California Fire Department.

Governor Gavin Newsom visited the fire-affected Napa County on Thursday and said the state is investing all its resources in fighting the fires.

Across the state, 17,000 firefighters are fighting nearly two dozen major fires. California has had five of the six largest wildfires in state history since August, the first caused by lightning strikes from dry thunderstorms. Several more fires were caused by sparks from breakdowns and careless handling of fire and pyrotechnics.