California introduces new lockdown – no end date

California Governor Gavin Newsom re-signed an order for a new lockdown – closing all public places on the premises due to an outbreak of coronavirus. At the same time, the new quarantine does not have an end date.

In the last month, California has turned into one of the hottest points of the epidemic in the USA; in the last two weeks the number of daily new cases has doubled. Newsom ordered an end to closed indoor activities throughout the state due to a record increase in patients in the country’s most populous state.

All bars, restaurants, wine cellars, tasting rooms, family entertainment centers, zoos, museums, and other indoor establishments will be closed indefinitely throughout the state. Also, in accordance with the new order, all gyms, places of worship, shopping centers, personal hygiene services, hairdressers, salons and non-critical offices in the counties included in the “checklist” of the state must also be closed. Order of the 30 counties in which about 80 percent of the California population lives.

As of Monday, the state has reported more than 320 thousand patients with COVID-19 and 7 thousand dead. In Los Angeles alone, 133,000 people fell ill.