California state to be first in the US to consider payment of reparations for slavery

The publication notes that this state will be the first in the United States to study this problem. The target group will include nine legislators, they must develop recommendations on the forms and in what volume reparations will be provided, who will be able to receive them.

“As a nation, we can truly prosper only when each of us has the opportunity to prosper. Our painful history of slavery has evolved into a structural racism and bias that permeates all our democratic and economic institutions, ”Newsom said.

The law does not say about the form of reparations. In addition to cash payments, it can be student loan forgiveness or vocational training funding.

Over the past few years, similar initiatives have been considered in the states of Texas, New York and Vermont, but these ideas have remained at the level of discussion there.

The racial issue in the United States escalated in late May after the death of African American George Floyd, who died after being detained by the police. Since then, mass protests against police brutality and racism have continued throughout the country, which often escalate into riots.