Canada, USA and Mexico will sell cars and milk in a new way

Canada, the United States and Mexico begin to trade under the new rules. The changes will affect the automotive, dairy and metallurgical industries.

Canada, the United States and Mexico will now trade in automotive, dairy and steel products under the new rules. About this writes TASS.

The new trade agreement of the three countries replaced the document in force since 1994. It will enter into force today, July 1. Negotiations on its revision were conducted during 2017-2018.

Now, at least 70% of all steel, aluminum, and glass used in automobile manufacturing should be produced in North America. The Americans also managed to get duty free 3.6% access to the Canadian dairy market. Existing restrictions on the supply of ultrafiltered milk to Canada will also be lifted. The copyright period has also been increased from 50 to 70 years after the death of the author.

Earlier, NEVSK NEWS wrote that the Russian representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) Melita Vujnovic said that she does not exclude the risk of an increase in the number of infections with coronavirus infection after the opening of borders between countries.

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