Canadian doctors advised having sex through holes in the walls

The Center for Disease Control of the Canadian province of British Columbia has prepared guidelines on how to have sex during the coronavirus pandemic. The center has advised provincial residents to use holes in the walls, also known as glory holes, to help reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19.

In addition, the guidelines state that kissing and saliva sharing should be minimized for safety, and that sex toys with multiple partners should not be used (and washed after use).

The safest type of sex in a pandemic is single masturbation, experts at the Canadian center believe, and practitioners of joint masturbation are advised to observe social distancing. When engaging in virtual sex, you need to remember about safety on the Internet, doctors say.

Glory hole refers to the hole in the wall for the penis through which sexual intercourse is made – as noted by the Urban Dictionary, primarily with strangers. There is a separate genre in porn with a similar name. It is worth noting that the opinion of experts from the Center for Disease Control of British Columbia is purely advisory and can be performed at will.

According to Johns Hopkins University, about 113 thousand cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in Canada today. The country is in 21st place in terms of the number of cases.