Canadian Post has announced deadlines for sending Christmas cards

The holidays are coming, which means that soon many people will want to send postcards and Christmas gifts by mail. Canada Post has announced postal deadlines for those who want parcels and postcards to reach Christmas.

The deadline depends a lot on what you want to send and the way you send it.

If you want to use Priority Mail service, you have time until December 21. The second fastest will be Xpresspost, the service has the same deadline as Priority Mail for city and provincial shipments, but if you want to send something outside the province, you will have to do it before December 18.

If you want to send a parcel with a fixed rate, everything depends on the distance – but if you send it through Canada, you will need to prepare everything before December 18, and the usual parcels – until December 16.

For sending holiday cards to the city and province there is a deadline until December 21, and if sending to another region, it will need to be done before December 18.

The border between Canada and the USA is still closed, but letters and parcels can be sent. Deadlines will also depend on the method of sending. The Priority option will be the fastest with a deadline until December 21, for shipments using Xpresspost U.S. and Expedited Parcel the deadlines are December 11 and 8 respectively.

Small parcels and postcards will need to be sent before December 7 if you want them to reach the recipient on time.

When sending to other countries, you can use Priority WorldWide until December 18 and Xpresspost until November 16.

Canadian Post is doing well this year in the pandemic, but you can also use the services of FedEx and Purolator.

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