Candy that can restore tooth enamel has been developed

3 weeks ago

Researchers from the University of Washington have developed an experimental mint that can restore tooth enamel as well as strengthen teeth.

It is reported by the publication Futurism.

The lozenge uses a genetically modified protein that will bind to the user’s teeth and add a thin layer of new enamel. It also contains phosphorus and calcium ions, which are the building blocks of tooth enamel.

If the clinical trials are successful, this method could be the first enamel treatment that truly restores enamel, not just preserves it.

Scientists have already tested the lozenges on teeth extracted from humans, pigs, rats, and live rats. Preclinical tests showed that one lozenge a day is enough to maintain tooth enamel under normal wear and tear. In addition, according to the researchers, a second candy per day restores the protective coating of the teeth by several microns.

Candy that can restore tooth enamel has been developed

An additional advantage of these candies is that the new enamel produced by the candy will be truly white, as it is brand new.

Researchers predict that clinical trials will last no more than three months.