Cannibal arrested in USA: he ate his dead 90-year-old grandmother

11 months ago

A resident of Richmond (California) was arrested Monday afternoon, June 1, on suspicion of the murder and cannibalism of his grandmother, which even horrified investigators

The suspect, 37-year-old Dwyane Wallick, was arrested when Richmond police officers saw him eating his murdered 90-year-old grandmother Ruby Wallick. On Monday afternoon, police responded to a 911 call – the caller said that a man was standing over the body of a bloodied woman in Club Court 1200, a quiet residential area of ​​Richmond. When the officers entered the house, they saw that Duane Wallick was standing over his grandmother’s body and eating it. The police ordered the man to stop, but he ignored them. Then the officers used a stun gun and handcuffed Wallick. Now the man is being held in hospital. Investigators find out whether drug use played a role in the crime. The police are expected to hand the case over to the district attorney and demand the indictment of the murder against Dwayne Wallick.

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