Can’t be without each other: twin sisters married to the same man

Can't be without each other: twin sisters married to the same man

User Nelson Obidon published in his Twitter-account a video and photos from an unusual wedding. A certain man married two twin sisters at once. The entry, published on January 10, has already gathered tens of thousands of views. According to the media, the unusual ceremony took place in Nigeria.

The groom in a crimson outfit was captured standing between two brides dressed in similar dresses of the same color. One of the sisters, judging by the footage, is late in her pregnancy. The twins dance in front of their lover and invited guests, while they throw bills at them.

“They’re twins; he took two of them at once because the sisters can’t live without each other. Do you approve of that or not?” – the author of the publication asked his subscribers.

Some users doubted that the video is not staged. Others found such behavior of the groom unacceptable in today’s world. “Patriarchy won,” commented network users.

Recall, two years ago in the United States, twin sisters married twin brothers. Both couples live in a common home in Virginia. They later announced that they became pregnant at the same time. Brittany and Briana Deane and their husbands Josh and Jeremy Seilers are identical twins, so genetically their children would be both siblings and cousins. The couples met in 2017 at the Twins Festival in the town of Touinsberg, whose name can be translated as Twinsberg.