Capitol evacuated due to fire at homeless camp

Capitol evacuated due to fire at homeless camp

The Capitol building in the American capital Washington has been evacuated. It is reported by NBC News on its Twitter page.

As noted, the territory of Congress is currently on lockdown. Employees were told that all entrances and exits were closed due to an external security threat. They were also asked to move away from windows and doors, as well as find shelter if they are outside.

Video of the scene was posted on his page by Canadian journalist Jackson Proskov. The footage shows smoke rising over the building, with people seen running away from it.

NBC News later clarified that the evacuation was caused by a fire. It occurred at the site of a gathering of homeless people near the Capitol grounds. Photos of eyewitnesses also appeared on Twitter: they show that the fire broke out under an overpass. It is noted that the place is a few blocks away from the Congress building.

On January 6, supporters of the current head of state Donald Trump, who do not recognize the results of the November presidential election, stormed the Capitol. This happened during a rally that escalated into clashes with police. Five people were killed.

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