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Cara Deville has a special role in the lawsuit of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard and what does Elon Musk have to do

Cara Deville has a special role in the lawsuit of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard and what does Elon Musk have to do

The trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has been going on for 2 years, the whole press is closely watching them. Most people were on the side of Amber, who accused Johnny Depp of domestic violence, but her evidence was not always reliable. Amber filed for divorce in 2017. As mentioned earlier, Amber Heard had a relationship with Ilon Musk (the owner of Space X and Tesla), but they met some sources even when Amber was married to Depp. So the majority opinion switched to Depp’s side.

Another participant in the lawsuit was Cara Deville, Amber’s best friend. According to some reports, Kara Devil and his girlfriend met with Ilon Mask, thereby arranging dates in three (zhmzh)

The sensational statement about such details of the novel by Mask and Heard was published by the British Daily Mail, according to which Cara Delevingne may even be called for interrogation and asked to characterize Amber Heard. The alleged “triple alliance” happened between Hurd, Delevingne and Musk in late 2016, shortly after the actress broke up with Depp. At the same time, all three met in the penthouse Johnny

Josh Drew, the ex-husband of Amber Raquel Pennington’s close friend, also gave his comments on this matter. When asked by the investigator whether he knew about the affair between Amber, Kara, and Ilon, he answered in the affirmative and said that his wife had told him all this. He also clarifies that this relationship took place at a time when the relationship between Depp and Hurd had not yet ended.

Depp’s lawyers (and the British tabloid respectively) also allegedly have a video recording in the elevator that led to Depp’s penthouse. The video shows a woman suspiciously similar to Kara. An anonymous well-wisher also told the publication that the model could soon be brought to testify – both from Depp and Heard.

The subject of controversy including photos of Hurd with bruises on his face. The actor is sure that the pictures are fabricated. If his lawyers prove it, Amber faces a prison sentence. The first conflict between the actors began shortly after their divorce in 2016, when the latter accused the actor of using physical force against her and demanded to issue a temporary security order forbidding Depp from approaching her. The court granted the actress, and Johnny for a long time avoided meeting with Amber, after which he himself sued her. For defamation, defaming his name, he demanded 50 million dollars.

The trial was in full swing, and not so long ago, audio recordings became public, from which it turned out that Amber herself had repeatedly raised her hand to Johnny. On March 23, the final trial began, which was supposed to put an end to the relationship of this couple, but could not.

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