Carbon Nation cult leader who preaches nudism and polygamy arrested for Hawaii quarantine violation

Carbon Nation cult leader, who believes in nudism, refrains from bathing and defecates at the base of trees, was arrested in Hawaii for violating the quarantine regime

Eligio Lee Bishop, who calls himself “God” and “Nature’s Guy,” was one of a member of a group of 21 people arrested in Pune. They were accused of violating the 14-day quarantine in Hawaii. “As far as I understand, most of them arrived on June 7 or 8. “I don’t have 100% confirmation for all of them,” said police lieutenant Rio Amon-Wilkins. – We do not have all the documents from the relevant authorities for documentation. We are working on it”.

According to Costa Rica Star, the 38-year-old Bishop is forcing his followers to transfer their money, credit cards, bank accounts and pin codes. The cult practices nudism, veganism and polygamy. He and other Carbon Nation members were arrested and expelled from Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama in December after they were deemed a threat to national security. According to the Hawaii Tribune-Herald, some of the 15 arrested told the authorities that they were “people of faith who voluntarily abandoned their biological families to join the family of Bishop God Eligio.”

Initially, they were not allowed to board the flight because of “an extremely bad smell coming from the body.” Carbon Nation has a YouTube channel that has nearly 85,000 subscribers. According to The Costa Rica Star, Bishop makes a living by creating music videos and videos on the topic of self-development. Carbon Nation Account encourages donations through CashApp. The report said that Bishop worked as a model, stripper, prostitute and hairdresser. He was previously arrested for violent invasion in 2009 and theft in 2011.