Caruso’s ad blitz under way as LA Mayor race final weeks Coming

As the race to Los Angeles mayor approaches its final weeks, Rick Caruso, a billionaire developer, has begun his anticipated ad campaign. A Monday, September 26 spot will release a spot that revives a speech his opponent, Rep. Karen Bass at a Church of Scientology event over a decade ago.

The 60 second ad, entitled “Church of Karen”, combines Bass’ 2010 speech at opening of Church of Scientology headquarters in Los Angeles with headlines alleging wrongdoing by the church over the past decade.

Bass described the opening of the headquarters as an “exciting moment” because she knew that her goal and commitment was to make a real difference.

Bass stated that the Church of Scientology he knows has made a significant impact. Your creed is universal, therefore it has made a difference.”

Bass responded to the advertisement by telling ABC7 that she is a Baptist and attempted to associate herself with Scientology.

Bass stated, “I have never been affiliated with Scientology” That is quite clear.

Sara Leonard Sheahan (Bas’ communications director) stated that the advertisement was misleading and was “straight from the Republican playbook.”

Sheahan stated, “Everybody knows Karen Bass hates Scientology.” “L.A. “L.A.

A Caruso campaign representative described the new ad as “hard-hitting” and reintroduced criticisms that first surfaced in 2020 when Bass was being considered as a possible vice-presidential nominee by Joe Biden.

Bass stated that she attended Scientology 2020 knowing that she would be speaking to a group with different beliefs. She spoke briefly about the things most of us agree on and discussed respect for other views, equality, fighting oppression.

Bass said, “Since then published first-hand account in books, interviews, and documentaries has exposed this group.”

In the August poll by the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies, Caruso was second to Bass by two-digits.

Bass said to ABC7, “The question is: “How will Rick Caruso get?” Bass said that Caruso will continue to spend money attacking me, hoping to lower my poll numbers. Or will he be open to the dialogue, debate, and discussion that I believe voters need? He doesn’t see that as being helpful for his campaign, and I don’t think he has any serious answers for voters in Los Angeles.

After blitzing the airwaves in advance of the June primary and announcing his intentions to spend $20 million on TV ads, Caruso has remained relatively silent with ads. However, the Los Angeles Times reported that Caruso is likely to spend more than $20 Million on TV ads by the end of the campaign. Caruso’s campaign has already spent more than $40million.

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