Cell phones can provoke cancer in some people

Cell phones can be especially dangerous for some categories of people.

According to the portal Med-heal.ru, specific genetic variations in the DNA of some people may provoke the development of thyroid cancer when exposed to radiation from cell phones.

Specialists from the Yale School of Public Health conducted a large-scale study, the results of which confirmed the assumptions about the danger of cell phones for people of certain categories. Exposure to radiation from cell phones can be dangerous in terms of the probability of cancer, if DNA contains special variations of single-nucleotide polymorphisms.

“If single-nucleotide polymorphisms are present in four genes at once, the probability of malignant tumor development increases at least twice. A new study has confirmed that the danger increases with the use of cellular phones. How exactly the detected correlation works is still to be determined,” says Professor Yawei Zhang, one of the authors of the project.

The scientists verified the data by examining medical data from patients with thyroid cancer collected in 2010-2011, when mobile communication was not as common as it is today.

Scientists do not rule out that modern cell phones have become safer than those that existed in the market 10 years ago.

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