CEOs of Facebook, Amazon, Google and Apple will testify to the US Antitrust Chamber

They will defend the legitimacy of their companies’ behavior in the market.

Facebook executives Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon Jeff Bezos, Apple Tim Cook and Google Sundar Pichai will testify at a meeting of the Antitrust Chamber’s Judicial Commissions subcommittee. This is reported by AP.

Online, the bosses of the four Internet service giants will defend their business practices before authorities and ensure that their activities increase competition and provide consumers with the services they need.

The testimony will take place as part of a hearing that is connected with the investigation into whether the current antitrust laws in the United States provide an opportunity to effectively control the tech giants. The managers of these four firms, legal experts, competitors have already been interviewed, and more than a million internal documents in these companies have been examined.

US President Donald Trump has called on Congress for a fair trial against tech giants, threatening to tackle the issue on its own, through executive orders, otherwise.