Chances are fading before our eyes: details of the US presidential election

In the US, in the state of Alabama, a referendum was held on changes to the local Constitution. And in it until now “dangled” Old Testament articles that white and black children should study separately, and only men can be deputies. Fortunately, the Alabamians decided that it was impossible to live like this. But in this particular state, the Constitution can be changed by referendum. But the Constitution of the whole of America …

It is generally accepted that in the United States this document is treated as, in fact, a religious text, they say, which can only be touched in exceptional circumstances (as in the abolition of slavery). Hence the numerous failures in an attempt to get rid of the Electoral College and go over to the direct popular election of the head of state.

But the same Constitution refers to the procedure for electing the federal president to the exclusive competence of individual states. However, back in 2000, the dispute between Bush Jr. and Al Gore was moved to the Supreme Court. It was there that today a decision was made for the very state of Pennsylvania: they say it is necessary to separate the ballots that arrived by mail on time from those that came later. How is this all to be understood?

Everything takes place at the walls of the exhibition center, inside of which the votes are still not counted. Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania, one of the key states today. 96% of the ballots were processed here. Of the nearly 7 million votes, Trump is behind only 28,000.

But Biden’s supporters have no doubts about their candidate’s victory. “Trump will fight a little more, and then he simply will not have a choice. He will have to give up because we will not let him do whatever he pleases,” they say.

A cordon separates this group from Trump supporters. The police have to simultaneously listen to the opposite slogans and musical accompaniment.

Trump supporters distrust the official numbers and demand a recount: “We are here because we defend America’s freedom. They are trying to steal our votes, but we will not let them do it!”

The Democratic nominee himself appealed to the Delaware nation. Formally, he has not yet received the required 270 electoral votes, but his voice sounds more and more confident.

“We are not yet ready to declare victory, but the numbers tell us clearly: we will win this race. We are winning Arizona, we are winning Nevada. Our lead in Nevada has doubled. We are preparing to win over 300 electoral votes,” Joe Biden said.

Trump, who did not appear in front of the cameras the day before, sent entire teams of lawyers to all these states. Among them is the former Florida attorney general Pam Bondi. She says that there are many violations, primarily in the same Philadelphia, where at first Republican observers were not allowed to monitor the vote count at all, and now they are not allowed to work normally even after the trials.

“They moved the barrier to keep the observers six feet away, as they should, but took and moved the voting machines into the back of the building. It’s incredible what they are doing with our legal votes cast,” Bondi said.

Democrats dismiss all the claims of the Republicans, and appeal all claims in courts, delaying the time, while the counting goes on as usual.

In Nevada, the difference is only 23 thousand votes, in Arizona – 30 thousand. Biden leads everywhere – both of these states jointly give 17 electoral votes, which he just lacks until the coveted number of “270”. Georgia alone gives 16 electoral votes, and there the difference between candidates is generally microscopic – Biden has 4,000 more votes than Trump. And this is with 5 million voters. So the state, where the governor is a Republican, announced a recount of ballots. For reliability. Biden took the lead in Pennsylvania. Here the biggest prize – 20 electoral votes at once – but also the biggest suspicions about the purity of the process.

“Detroit and Philadelphia, known as the two most corrupt places in our country, cannot be held responsible for the outcome of the presidential race, a very important presidential race,” Trump said.

In response to the accusations, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenny just grinned: “Honestly, it’s time for Trump to stop babbling and admit that he has lost. He must congratulate the winner and stop it all. And let’s move on as a country.”

Trump supporters who are on duty in front of polling stations in Arizona are calling for honest counting. The open carrying of weapons is allowed there, and protesters demonstratively took pistols and assault rifles with them.

The chances of the President of the United States for re-election without the involvement of courts of all levels are fading. The opponents exchanged written statements. Trump’s headquarters stressed that the elections are not over. And according to rumors, he does not even think to admit defeat. At Biden’s headquarters, they sharply replied that it would be up to the people to decide, and the American government “is very good at driving out those violators who are illegally on the territory of the White House.”

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