Charge your smartphone by a third in 3 minutes. Realme prepares ultra-fast charging over 100 watts

It seems that the year 2021, among other things, will be the year of ultrafast charges for smartphones with a power of about 100 watts and even higher. The first such device will be Lenovo Legion, which will be presented at the end of the month. He will receive a charge of 90 watts.

Further, we know that a 100-watt charge is going to bring Xiaomi to the market. Now sources say that Realme is developing a similar technology, which will be called Ultra Dart or Super Dart. The power in this case will exceed 100 watts (probably about 120 watts), which will allow a smartphone with a battery capacity of over 4000 mAh to be charged by a third in just 3 minutes! Moreover, such a technology will allegedly be introduced later this month.

Given Realme’s family ties, we can safely assume that other BBK-related companies will have the same technology, that is, Oppo, Vivo and OnePlus, unless the latter may be in a hurry to introduce such charges.

Information was shared by insider Ishan Agarwal, who repeatedly shared reliable data. For example, he accurately described Redmi Note 7 Pro before its announcement, and also shared accurate renders.