Chargers Exchange Two Players On Injured Reserve

Rashawn Slater as well as Joey Bosa are officially out for at most four weeks.

This week, Los Angeles made it clear the news that Slater (biceps) as well as Bosa (groin) are put on reserve for injury, making them out of action until Week 9 when they play Atlanta. (Technically both players will be eligible to be back in Week 8 but this would be Los Angeles’ bye week.

Slater who injured his biceps tendon during a game against Jacksonville in Jacksonville on Sunday isn’t likely to be back this season. If he doesreturn, it’s likely to be in an attempt to make it into the playoffs. On the other hand Bosa is suffering from an injury to his groin which Brandon Staley called “week-to-week” even as recently as Tuesday. Being placed on IR could be an indicator of much more severe strain, usually with an average recovery time of 4-6 weeks. This makes this week an optimal time to place Bosa on IR, as the the bye week will allow Bosa five weeks of recovery from the surgery.

To make up the remaining on the team, LA added Wide receiver Jason Moore Jr. and tight end Richard Rodgers to the active roster. Both players were on the practice team. Rodgers had already utilized his practice squad’s maximum of three elevations during the first three games of the year, while taking over for injury-stricken Donald Parham Jr., while Moore was only called up in Week 2 to face the Chiefs.

They’re probably not shocking decisions, given that Moore as well as Rodgers are among the three athletes LA has utilized elevations on throughout the season. (The other player is cornerback and Special Teamer Kemon Hall.) Moore appears to favor Michael Bandy and Joe Reed as special team coordinator Ryan Ficken, who will require someone to replace Jalen Guyton as punt coverage following the receiver’s ruptured his ACL during the game against Jacksonville. In terms of offense, I’d believe that Guyton’s position will be fulfilled with John Hightower, who was named to the practice team.

Rodgers joining his active squad is unusual considering he only took five total minutes against Jacksonville and is now dealing with the upcoming coming back to Parham from his hamstring injury in the offseason. But, LA has historically liked to keep the tight end position with four players on its team, and this could suggest more H-back-style work for Tre McKitty who previously served in the position. Rodgers is another veteran who has previous experience as a winner of the playoffs which has been a major focus for the Chargers in the offseason, so it could be a factor also.

Los Angles still has one remaining spot on the practice squad after Wednesday’s changes.

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