China accused Britain of interfering in internal affairs

The Chinese authorities intend to take decisive action in response to the British government’s measures against China and Hong Kong. This is stated in a statement by the Chinese Embassy in London, the content is quoted by TASS.

The Chinese diplomatic mission said in a statement that recently the British side has repeatedly made statements about Hong Kong, interfering in China’s internal affairs.

It also clarifies that Beijing intends to toughly protect sovereignty and national interests. The embassy warned that there is no need to aggravate the situation with new mistakes. “Otherwise, London will have to reap the benefits of what it has done,” the statement said.

Earlier, British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said that London is suspending the extradition agreement with Hong Kong for an indefinite period. He stressed that the British side also intends to introduce an arms embargo against this territory of the PRC.

Hong Kong’s National Security Law was passed by the Chinese parliament on June 30. It empowers the Chinese authorities to suppress actions that they perceive as a threat to national security, in particular to prevent protests and hold their leaders accountable.

Hong Kong returned to China from a lease agreement between it and Britain in 1997. According to a joint declaration by China and Britain, the city was promised broad autonomy for 50 years.