China accuses US of meddling in internal affairs

US Ambassador to China Terry Brenstad was called to the Chinese Foreign Ministry to protest Washington’s sanctions imposed on Hong Kong’s national security law. It is reported by Reuters with reference to the statement of the department.

According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, the United States not only grossly interferes in China’s internal affairs, but also violates international law and the basic norms of relations between the countries. The authorities said they would retaliate against the United States in order to protect China’s legitimate interests. Among possible measures, representatives of the department noted the introduction of sanctions against American individuals and legal entities.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump announced that he had signed a bill on sanctions against China in connection with the situation in Hong Kong, as well as an executive decree depriving Hong Kong of US economic and trade preferences. According to him, such measures were introduced in order to hold China accountable for its “discriminatory actions” against the people of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s National Security Act was passed by the Chinese parliament in late June. It gives the Chinese authorities the right to suppress actions that they perceive as a threat to national security, in particular, to prevent protests and hold their leaders accountable.

Hong Kong returned to China from a lease as agreed between it and Britain in 1997. According to the joint declaration of China and Britain, the city was promised wide autonomy for 50 years.