Chinese users praised the response of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to the US statement on START III.

Users of the Guancha portal were pleased with Lavrov’s response to the statement by the US President’s Special Representative for Arms Control Marshall Billingsley that Washington can agree to extend the strategic arms reduction agreement with the Russian Federation only if the Russian authorities show “political will” and ” will freeze their nuclear arsenal. ” Commenting on this statement, Sergei Lavrov said that the Americans “shamelessly speculate” on the topic of disarmament, and statements about China’s involvement in this process are “unscrupulous.”

The Russian Foreign Minister’s response to the American side regarding START-3 made many Chinese users happy. They agreed with the minister’s opinion that the Americans are pursuing unscrupulous policies.

“The Russians are really very straightforward, they slapped the US in the face, I approve,” one of the users left a comment.

Other residents of the PRC expressed the opinion that it was difficult for Washington to build its policy without such loud statements, and thought about whether START-3 would operate if an agreement between the parties was reached, but not Trump, but Biden wins the elections, the TV channel reports. “Star”.