China announces third warning level due to bubonic plague

A third level of epidemiological warning was announced in Khoshun Urad-Zhongqi in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in northern China due to the identification of a patient suspected of bubonic plague, the Bayan Nur City Health Committee said in a statement from the Xinhua News Agency.

It is reported that on Saturday a patient was suspected of having a bubonic plague in a hospital in the city of Bayan-Nur. In this regard, on Sunday, it was decided to announce the third level of prevention warning, which will be valid until the end of the year.

“Currently, there is a threat of spread of plague among the population, we ask the population to strictly follow the requirements for the prevention of the epidemic,” – said in a resolution published by Xinhua News Agency.

Authorities advised against hunting wild animals and should immediately report to authorized agencies if any cases of disease or suspicion of disease were detected.

It was previously reported that the plague was discovered in the west of Mongolia in the region that borders the Altai Republic. Two people got sick. The press service of the Russian Embassy in Ulan Bator said that the Mongolian authorities immediately took the necessary measures, there is no reason for concern.

The disease is spread by marmots of the genus Marmots, which the inhabitants of Mongolia, despite the prohibitions, eat. You can also get infected when cutting carcasses, but these are isolated cases.