China does not understand why Russia is restrained in response to US aviation flights at its borders

11 months ago

Not so long ago, one of the Chinese publications expressed concerns about the fact that NATO bombers regularly fly up to the Russian borders.

At the same time, no response from the Russian Federation is observed. This situation has attracted attention, moreover, in all countries of the world, but nobody reacts to it in any way.

In China, B-1B strategic bombers threaten the security of the regions to which they fly. However, not everything is as serious as they say in the Republic of China, or rather, there is no danger at all.

So, Jeffrey Harrigan, the commander of the US Air Force, noted that regular exercises are taking place in NATO. Do not forget that the bases are located throughout Europe. The main focus is on the Baltic Sea and the surrounding territories.

Everyone knows that this is where the Russian border goes. However, these teachings do not encroach on anyone’s territory at all. The military is doing what it should, this is their task. Harrigan added that the states are a powerful power, everyone knows about it.

By raising their bombers in the air, the US once again proves that the B-1B can reach absolutely anywhere in the world, so there is no need to play with the state.

At the same time, some fighters are active both over the Sea of ​​Okhotsk and in the Far East. So, one bomber flew as part of a daily non-stop training flight.

The Chinese say that in the Russian Federation they must respond more harshly to the behavior of Americans. However, not everyone agrees with this. It is likely that the states specifically provoke the Russians to demonstrate the air defense forces by revealing themselves.

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