China Enhances Global COVID-19 Vaccine Test Collaboration

11 months ago

China will strengthen international cooperation in future clinical trials of the COVID-19 vaccine

This is discussed in the material of the international news agency Reuters.

The Minister of Science and Technology said China is making tremendous efforts to develop a vaccine against a new epidemic of coronavirus.

“Vaccine development remains the primary strategy in our efforts to overcome the new coronavirus,” said Minister of Science and Technology Wang Zhigang at a press conference in Beijing.

President Xi Jinping said last month at the World Health Assembly that vaccines developed by China will become a “global public good” as soon as they are ready for use, and this will be China’s contribution to making vaccines accessible and accessible in developing countries.

Earlier, US Presidential Administration Donald Trump accused China of hiding and lack of transparency regarding the pandemic.

Beijing has repeatedly denied the allegations, stating that it has fully informed the world from the start.

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