China has blocked a city of 11 million inhabitants

A quarantine has been imposed in the city, and all of its residents will be tested for covid.

Due to the rapid increase in the number of people infected with covid in the country, the Chinese authorities have once again initiated the introduction of strict restrictive measures. This time a total quarantine has been imposed in Hebei province which is neighboring Beijing. South China Morning Post reports about it.

An outbreak of infection that could not be brought under control has led to the provincial capital of Shijiazhuang being declared a lockdown. The city has been completely quarantined, transportation links have been halted and people have been forbidden to leave the city without an important reason, which will also have to be confirmed on departure. Note that there are 11 million residents there, and soon the authorities plan to begin mass testing for covids.

Another city of Xintai with a population of about 6 million people will also be quarantined.

The city recorded 120 new cases of COVID-19: 51 people sick and 69 asymptomatic carriers of the coronavirus. Sintai has one infected person. On Wednesday, January 6, another 69 people with coronavirus were identified in the province. In all, 92 COVID cases and 149 asymptomatic carriers have been recorded in Hebei.