China has discovered a way to treat teeth without fillings

China has discovered a way to treat teeth without fillings

Scientists in China have invented a new drug that can restore tooth enamel with an artificial layer that is identical in composition to natural enamel. With this drug, teeth can be treated without fillings.

Millions of people around the world suffer daily from toothaches, tooth damage and decay caused by problems with tooth enamel. Doctors report that tooth enamel is an essential substance in the human body that has the greatest hardness. Until now, it was thought that tooth enamel was not restorable, but now there is hope for its recovery.

The process of enamel formation on teeth occurs only during tooth development with the help of ameloblastoma cells, and then, after hardening and biomineralization of enamel, these cells disappear. Therefore, teeth that have grown and formed are completely incapable of self-repair.

Chinese scientists have created a new liquid formulation consisting of a material that replicates the natural process of mineralization of the protective shell of teeth.

The new gel-like material was applied to the damaged enamel of human teeth and the artificial mixture successfully fused with the remaining enamel into a single whole tooth shell, indistinguishable from the natural healthy tooth coating.

Scientists believe that the new technique of building up tooth enamel without filling will be widely used by dentists around the world. Experiments on humans are expected to begin in 1-2 years.