China has taken a part of the moon

China has taken a part of the moon

The assembly of lunar soil parts by the Chinese mission Chang’e 5 has been completed. The corresponding video is published by XINHUANET.

“Chinese probe Chang’e 5 has completed lunar soil sampling, samples are sealed inside the spacecraft,” the agency reports.

In total, there are approximately two kilograms of samples of volcanic origin on board the Chang’e 5 spacecraft. Delivery of regolith to the planet is scheduled for the third week of December. The last time the soil from the moon was successfully delivered in the 1970s USSR and the United States.

Soft landing of Chang’e 5 on the Moon took place on December 1.

Chang’e 5 mission was launched on November 24 with a heavy rocket Long March 5 from Wenchang Cosmodrome.

At the same time, the United States hoped that China would share the mined regolith with international partners.

January 3, 2019 Chinese 140-kg lunar rover mission Chang’e 4 made the world’s first soft landing on the back side of a natural satellite (in the basin of the South Pole – Eitken).