China has threatened the United States with the detention of Americans

In response to the persecution of Chinese researchers by the US authorities, China may start detaining Americans, media write.

Wall Street Journal sources reported that Beijing warned the American side of the possible detention of US citizens in China “in response to the prosecution by the US Department of Justice against Chinese researchers associated with the military.” Since the summer, the Chinese side has more than once “sent warnings to the US authorities through many channels, including through the US Embassy in Beijing,” TASS reports.

China is demanding that the US “end the prosecution of Chinese scientists.” Otherwise, as they said in Beijing, “it may turn out that the Americans in China are violating Chinese laws.” The State Department and Beijing declined to comment on this information, according to the WSJ. At the same time, the State Department acknowledged that situations are possible when American citizens will not be able to leave China if they are accused by local authorities.

Recall that the US authorities are taking active steps against the ties of Chinese scientists with China. US President Donald Trump signed a proclamation restricting entry to the country for a number of graduate students and scientists from China. In August, a Chinese scientist was arrested in the United States for violating a trade secret. Before that, an employee of the Texas A&M University Cheng Zhengdong was arrested.