China is losing its brain

10 months ago

The main weapon of the USA in technological competition is smart heads from China. This is the conclusion reached by researchers at the MarcoPolo analytical center. Their work shows that scholars who have been educated in China help American companies and science schools lead, for example, in developments related to artificial intelligence (AI).

Key findings of the study:

The USA is ahead of other countries due to the fact that it has developed a policy of attracting foreign students and researchers to work in its own country. In general, more than 50% of all high-ranking AI researchers in the world are immigrants or foreign nationals, scientists working in a country other than where they received a bachelor’s degree. In American institutions, about 60% of all top-level AI researchers are immigrants, in China – 10.6%, and in Europe – 10.2%.
China is the largest source of first-class researchers (thanks to free, good education), but most of them leave China to study, work, and live in the United States.
China, in turn, is the largest source of strong AI researchers, but most of them realize themselves outside the Middle Kingdom. Almost a third of these researchers around the world complete their studies in China. Of all the universities around the world, Tsinghua University is the leader in graduate students in advanced AI research.

Only 34% of Chinese researchers currently remain in China, while approximately 56% are in the United States. After completing graduate school in the United States, 88% of Chinese researchers stay and work in the country and only 10% return to China.

In total, if we are talking about AI, 53% of leading researchers do not work in the same country where they received their education. This highly skilled community is a mobile group of the best talents that compete among themselves around the world. And among them, immigrants from China and India make up more than half.

On the contrary, those who have received a bachelor’s degree in the United States do not leave the country for work or further studies.

And here we would state the victory of democracy over authoritarianism. But it’s more about banal good living conditions, comfort, high salaries, a pleasant climate. Finally, we recall that the United States has an inexhaustible source of currency, US dollars. And if it’s a pity to spend money on medicine and education for all, it’s never been stingy to instill the best minds of the planet.

The struggle for the minds is a difficult and serious test, even China cannot resist. So the slogans for patriotism alone will not win the best of heads. And on some effective managers, it’s also not far to leave.

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